by The Banditos

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Special thanks to our roadie and hypeman Seamus Fitzpatrick and producer Steve Girth.


released October 21, 2014

Evan Desrochers - Vocals, Guitar
Larson Viljanen - Guitar, Tambourine
Brenden Meade - Drums, Mixing
John Horton - Bass, Keyboard



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The Banditos Merrimack, New Hampshire

The Banditos will play your show, house party, or wedding!

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Track Name: Weekend Buzz
Hand me that weekend buzz
Pass it down, spread the love
Slow at first, take your time
Quickly now, lose your mind

Weekend Buzz
Weekend Buzz
Weekend Buzz
Weekend Buzz

Down the street, grab a bite
Heading back, everything’s alright
Nothing to do, so have some more
Till you hit, Till you hit the floor

Weekend Buzz
Weekend Buzz
Weekend Buzz
Weekend Buzz

Don’t kill my weekend buzz
Track Name: Wasted
I've spent way too much time doing nothing at all
Every day is the same, my life to stall
sit on the couch and watch the tube till life goes by
its all right ill get up tomorrow everything will be fine

Sun comes in I open my eyes, feels like im gonna die
Roll outta bed and shut the curtains ill be alone tonight
Get on the couch and sleep some more wasted half the day
It doesn't matter Ill start tomorrow Everything will be okay.
Track Name: Radio Party
On the radio
Ninety point nine
On the radio
It’s a great time

On the radio
Playing some songs
On the radio
Doing no wrong

Radio party!
Track Name: Cyanide Soda
et home late
Its been a long day
I got something good
To make it okay
Crack one open
Maybe a few
Somethings gone wrong
I can barely move

Cyanide soda’s got me down
I took a swig and hit the ground

Head is throbbing
My skin turns red
One foot in the grave
I’m gonna be dead
Room starts spinning
Don’t know where I am
There was something strange
In that can

Cyanide soda’s got me down
I took a swig and hit the ground
Track Name: Can’t Rock in School
Writing down things that I’ll never use
All this education’s giving me the blues
Wasting days just to pass some test
My head’s spinning, my brain’s a mess

Sitting at a desk, waiting for the bell
Blanking it out, going into a spell
Teacher keeps talking, but I don’t care
I’ve got no attention left to spare