early demos

by The Banditos

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Recorded using only a Rock Band mic.


released January 1, 2011

Evan Desrocher, Larson Viljanen and on "Mullet" ,"What to eat" ,"Tollbooth Taxin" Brandon O"Grady



all rights reserved


The Banditos Merrimack, New Hampshire

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Track Name: 80s jacket demo
80s jacket they are bright pink
80s jackets they make me think
80s jackets they are so cool
80s jackets cuz im a tool
Track Name: Fuck SHIT UP demo
When I get home from school I fuck shit up, you look like a tool I fuck shit up read the paper I fuck shit up, now and later I fuck shit up, when i go to the mall i fuck shit up pee on the stall i fuck shit up my name is tyrone i fuck shit up you dont fuck with tyrone I fuck shit up(yeah) I fuck shit up(yeah yeah) my dad owns a dealership I fuck shit up yeah i wont give you a tip I fuck shit up business up front i fuck shit up party out back i fuck shit up yeah i do my own stunts i fuck shit up my hairdresser is whack pop my collar I fuck shit yeah you give me a dollar i fuck shit up OH
Track Name: I don't Care demo
people dying people stealin
people cryin people dealin
people laughin people shoutin
people smokin people croakin
Track Name: Im a pizza face demo
eatin my pizza
Im a pizza face
I cant stop
Track Name: Chicken Dinner demo
I've been playing all day having lots of fun but it's getting kinda late and playtime is done go back to my house then I go inside, open the freezer and find a big surprise Winner winner chicken dinner Winner winner chicken diner Man the contents of the package are so sublime, that chicken looks like it's been frozen in time, open it up cuz i gotta refuel, take a bite, man i really hate school Ive had enough of this for goodness sakes, it's time for the motherfuckin break(wah wah wah etc etc)
Track Name: Bang on shit demo
I bang on shit I bang on shit, what you gonna do when i bang on shit, noise is good, silence is bad, banging on shit makes me glad, make some noise raise the roof, I'll bang your shit and I got proof because I bang on shit.....nothing cant do a thing I'll bang your shit till your ears ring play my guitar while I sing, play so loud, cant hear a thing
Track Name: White Kids demo
Drinking apple juice, wear lots of moose, liking bon jovi, calling it a hogie, white kids doing white stuff yeah white kids theyre doing white stuff, going to school thinking kids are cool, going to mcdonalds, making out with RONALD!
Track Name: I just don't know demo
i woke up today man i was feeling okay the sky was sunny not a hint of gray but my stomach is growling and i gotta eat get myself outta bed and get some shoes on my feet going out the door waiting to score looking for some food yeah i hope I score, as I get to the place big smile on my face, walking out to the front at a blistering pace, as I get to the door I cant even think, so many choices I dont think I can win. doritos, pizza bites, chips and drinks, man this is insane i cant even think i cant even decide if i want a drink let alone what I want to eat, yeah im on the brink
Track Name: Sand in my sandwich demo
on my way down down to the beach i packed myself a sandwich for me to eat, eatin my sandwich down at the beach, eatin my sandwich yeah it's so sweet (it's bite time baby) munch, munch, munch, CRUNCH! theres sand in my sandwich down at the beach. Man, it still tastes good though.
Track Name: Looking Down demo
I was walking down the street, just looking down at my feet, then i saw you standing there with your long, long hair looking down on the ground with your pretty little face all in a frown yeah, well i was strooling down at the park, it was getting kinda dark, then i saw you lying there
Track Name: Fuck Shit Up demo
When I get home from school, you look like a tool, read the paper, now and later, i go to the mall, pee on the stall, my name is tyrone, you dont fuck with tyrone, I fuck Shit up, my dad owns a dealership, yeah i wont give you a tip, business up front, party out back, yeah i do all my own stunts, my hairdresser is whack, pop my collar, yeah you give me a dollar, here we go again, explosions, bang
Track Name: Tollbooth Taxin demo
On my way to work and it's a beautiful day, not a care in the world man im feeling okay, but the clouds come in I get an ache in my tooth, that good feeling is gone here comes the tollbooth. Tollbooth taxin, taking all my money Tollbooth taxing this shit aint funny, scramble for the change as I try to change lanes I almost hit a car man this shit is deranged, I shake in my seat as I reach the toll, looking at my feet now here i go.
Track Name: Mullet demo
I found a mullet after the show, who it belongs to I just dont know, we rocked so hard, we rolled all night and we found that mullet what a horrible sight. long brown curls such an itchy texture, i didnt want it so I tried to text you. who would leave a mullet after the show?? take it back brendan, take it back, we dont want it so take it back
Track Name: Water Bottles demo
Water bottles are whack, they use too much plastic
If it wasn't for that, they'd be fantastic
so next time youre thirsty, put down the bottle and
fill up a glass dumbass hand me a bottle no i think ill pass
pollutin' the ocean where your kids swim
gotta get the notion it's not good for them